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Pandemic Relief Provides Food and Basic Needs

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

To address the growing crisis in Guatemala related to the Covid-19 Pandemic, Amigas de Corazon is providing funds to assure children do not go without food or basic neccesities.

Years ago, I interviewed Justina, the current president of the Corazón de Mujer cooperative.  She had lost her husband, mother, aunt and many friends to what she referred to as "the time of violence, " Guatemala's 36-year civil war. Justina told me she kept faith during this time by singing a song each morning thanking God that she was alive. She has always inspired me with her courage and leadership.

Last week she shared with me that the fear and restrictions currently present in Guatemala because of the pandemic remind her of  the civil war, only "now the enemy is invisible." The daily curfew and restriction can be “triggering “ for some of the older women.

Guatemala's infection numbers are increasing, and testing is also limited.  Refugees sent back from the U.S. are returning to Guatemala infected.  Because they are fearful of incarceration, these individuals are fleeing hospitals to return to their communities, furthering social spread.  There is so much uncertainty.  The women are resilient and their strength inspires me, but I know this current situation is an added stress.

We are temporarily shifting our program focus to assuring the women and their children have their basic needs met. Funds have been sent to the U.S. to help the women set-up container gardens in their urban homes and purchase food and medicine.

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