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Corazon Library and Weekend Workshops

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

New book offerings and creative activities foster a love of reading and learning.

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Several of the youth shared about how the recently purchased books have made such a difference in their lives.  Sandra, the Corazon Center teacher and coordinator, explained how she worked with the students to select a book based on their own interest. This is  not possible within the family or at school due to economic constraints. Jacklyn, the young woman seen in the photo, spoke to us about how she had been interested in an autobiographical book about a young woman activist who led a very unconventional life, despite societal judgement. She was impressed by this woman's strength and individuality.  One mother expressed how reading allowed their children to "travel the world in their minds and have access to new stories and ideas."

Corazon Field Trip to the Children's Museum

We capped a beautiful year with an outing to the Children's Museum in Guatemala City for a day of learning and celebration.  It was also a way to reward the young people for their hard work during the year.  Dania, our Guatemalan coordinator, said the best part of the day was seeing the smiles on the children's faces.  Their mothers joined in on the fun as well.

Some of the highlights included:

  • Learning about the history, traditions, geography and climate of Guatemala.

  • Science exploration.

  • Understanding and protecting Guatemala's environment, including recycling and reusing paper. 

  • Knowing how to shop smartly and choose healthy food products.

The  museum also prepared a Christmas show in their theater.  Fun was the rule of the day.  Of course, no Guatemalan outing is complete without a lunch  stop at Pollo Campero (Guatemala's favorite restaurant, similar to Kentucky Fried Chicken.)

The pictures above and below say it all.  It was a great day for everyone.

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